Serie S01 - Photographs

Como Lake Mill Portrait - Margaret Frick Hillcrest Outhouse Leroux Residence Jules Leroux on his front steps with a dog Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Procession Our Lady of Lourdes School - 1942 Class Portrait Our Lady of Lourdes School Religious Procession Portrait - T. & B. Filiatrault Our Lady of Lourdes School - 1949 Class Portrait Our Lady of Lourdes First Communion Portrait - Leroux Family Thomas Douglas Funeral Pett's Grocery truck Pett's Store sign Pett Family at 1234 Brunette Street Mr. Dawes Mr. Pett selling a sheep to Mr. Hamilton Esther Pett with a puppy Albert Pett with a dog Pett's Grocery truck Children on a horse in front of Proulx Store Leon Paré on a swing Jeannette Paré Albert Pett with a chicken Albert Pett on horseback outside of Proulx Store Store JH Pett Meat Market Mr. Pett and Jim Rustle with Albert Pett on a horse Pett Family with the Burns & Co. Ltd. Butchers wagon
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  • 1905-1949 (Creaci?n)

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500 photographs ; b&w copy prints ; various sizes

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The series consists of copy prints of photographs provided by residents of Coquitlam for the publication, "Coquitlam 100 Years: Reflections of the Past," published in 1991.

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The collection was arranged by Janet Turner based on the numbering system used by the Pioneer Tales Book Committee. This numbering system has been maintained. Several codes were used to explain the provenance and use of the photographs. The codes are as follows:

BK - refers to photographs specifically taken for the purpose of the book
BP - means the photographs were used in the book and the page number is provided
N/U - means that the photographs were not used in the book
opt - means that the photographs were considered for use
o.s. - indicates oversized items that are stored separately
U - it has not been possible to ascertain the meaning of this code

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Photographs taken prior to 1949 are in the public domain, while those taken after 1949 may be subject to copyright restrictions and may only be used for personal reference and research.

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