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Coquitlam City Hall

The file consists of prints, transparencies, and mock-ups of a work depicting Coquitlam City Hall.

Coquitlam Fire Rescue

The file consists of prints, transparencies, and mock-ups of a work depicting Coquitlam Fire Rescue trucks in front of the Fire Hall.

Lafarge Lake

The file consists of prints and mock-ups of works depicting Lafarge Lake.

Christmas Card

The file consists of prints and mock-ups of a Christmas card designed for the City of Coquitlam.

Rough Drafts

The file consists of rough drafts, mock-ups and detail drawings of various projects.

Notices of Votes Polled

The file consists of large "Vote Polled" notices from elections in the years 1948, 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962. The polls list candidates as well as voting areas in Coquitlam.

Homecoming Guestbook

The item consists of a bound guestbook with signatures of those attending the 1979 Golden Homecoming. The album also includes two b&w photographs of Mountain View School.

Mountain View School

School Annuals

The file consists of three school annuals from 1948,1949 and 1951 as well as a school newsletter "Coquitlam Hi-Times" from 1950.


The file consists of one piece of correspondence from the Exchange Editor of the "Pocomoco"

Moody Junior-Senior High School

Proposed Closure of Burquitlam Elementary research documents and brief

The file contains the research materials compiled by the Burquitlam Elementary School Parents Association Ad Hoc Committee on School Closure for a brief to submit to School District No. 43 to dispute the proposed closure of the school in 1987. Records include the finished brief, photographs and a traffic study for student safety, enrollment, community school use and teaching staff statistics, cost saving statistics, letters of community support, and a petition.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Time capsule ephemera and other materials

The file contains the contents of a time capsule that was created in 1995 to commemorate Burquitlam Elementary School's 25th Anniversary, and was intended to be opened at the school's 50th anniversary in 2020. However, Burquitlam Elementary School closed in 2003, and the box was never opened.

The file consists of 25th anniversary ephemera, but is largely composed of textual records written by the students in Divisions 2, 4, 5, and 6, recounting their favourite academic and personal moments of 1995. Photographs in the file also depict students learning and playing outdoors, as well as class Halloween photographs.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Photograph Albums - Class and School Event Photographs

The file consists of fourteen albums of photographs compiled by Burquitlam Elementary school, largely depicting student class photographs, but also depicts school events including holiday concerts, Halloween events, athletic events, and community events. The file also contains student register lists that correspond to students in the class photographs.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Photographs of the Buddy Program

The file contains photographs depicting students from Division 6 taking part in the Buddy program, teaching younger students how to use the computer.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Centennial School Newspaper - "The Catalyst"

The file consists of copies of "The Catalyst" - Centennial High School's student newspaper, which started in 1967. The file consists of newspapers from every year of publication, but it is not a complete set.

Centennial School

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