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Children and youth
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Student Recognition scrapbook

The file consists of a scrapbook documenting the "Student of the Week" for each week of the school year, alongside photographs of the winning students.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Portrait of the May Queen and her Attendants (1946)

The item consists of a B&W portrait of the May Queen and her Attendants from 1946. The young women pictured in the photograph include: Shirley Christmas (May Queen- top middle), Shirley Williams (Maid of Honour- top left), Jeanne Carrier (Maid of Honour- top right), Vivian Noel (Miss Canada- right middle), Merle Cooper (Record Bearer- right bottom), Patricia Cosser (Flower Girl- bottom middle), and Eileen Severdid (Flower Girl- bottom left).

Administrative and membership records

The series consists of records pertaining to the Burquitlam Lions Club's (BLC) administrative and membership activities. It contains material relating to the history and objectives of the BLC, including its constitution and policies, as well as the day-to-day operations of the club. Additionally, it contains membership records, a core aspect of BLC administration.

The series is divided into several subseries: membership records; agendas and minutes of meetings; constitution, policies and procedures; correspondence.

The series consists primarily of textual material. Record types represented in the series include the following: membership reports (MMRs, lists, and schedules), information about individual members, agendas, reports, and meeting minutes, motion books, constitutions, procedures, policies, agreements, ephemera, internal correspondence, and correspondence with other organizations.

Burquitlam Lions Club

Little League Baseball

The file consists of photographs of boys and girls little league baseball teams.

Youth Choirs

The file consists of photographs of various youth choirs rehearsing and performing.

Burquitlam Elementary School

The subseries consists of formal class portraits and staff portraits; photographs of student activities; certificates documenting the awards, appreciation and commendation of the school and the success of its programs; and some photographic slides and textual records about the school's potential closure in 1987.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Time capsule ephemera and other materials

The file contains the contents of a time capsule that was created in 1995 to commemorate Burquitlam Elementary School's 25th Anniversary, and was intended to be opened at the school's 50th anniversary in 2020. However, Burquitlam Elementary School closed in 2003, and the box was never opened.

The file consists of 25th anniversary ephemera, but is largely composed of textual records written by the students in Divisions 2, 4, 5, and 6, recounting their favourite academic and personal moments of 1995. Photographs in the file also depict students learning and playing outdoors, as well as class Halloween photographs.

Burquitlam Elementary School

Portrait of the May Queen and her Attendants (1943)

The item consists of a B&W portrait of the May Queen and her Attendants from 1943. The young women pictured in the photograph (from left to right) include: Dolly Boe (Maid of Honour), Beverley Gold (Flower Girl), Pauline Pelcher (May Queen), Helen Gagn? (Miss Canada), Beverley Caddy (Maid of Honour), Doris Poncelet (Record Bearer), and Shirley Kenward (Flower Girl).

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