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Atkins, E.A.

  • AEA-2015-5
  • Person
  • 1842–1924

E.A. Atkins served on Council from the date of Coquitlam's incorporation in 1891 until he was elected Reeve of the Corporation of the District of Coquitlam in 1897. He held the position of Reeve until 1903. He was an original settler of the area, having been issued a Crown Land Grant for District Lot 382 in the New Westminster District on June 6th, 1883.

Atkins, R.J.C.

  • RJCA-2018-8
  • Person
  • [186-?]–1940

R.J.C. Atkins was born in Portsmouth, Ontario and migrated to British Columbia in 1892. He bought thirteen acres of land on North Road in 1905 and settled in Coquitlam. He was elected Councillor in 1911 and served on Coquitlam Council until 1914. Atkins died on August 4, 1840.

Ballard, J.L. (Jack)

  • BJL-2015-5
  • Person
  • [19-?]

Jack Ballard was elected Mayor in the election held in December 1969, following the death of L.J. Christmas in July. Ballard served as Mayor for a two-year term between 1970 and 1971.

Barth, Peter

  • BP-2016-12
  • Person
  • [18-?]–[19-?]

Peter Barth was the Accountant for the Canadian Western Lumber Company. He stood in the election for Reeve of Corporation of the District of Coquitlam following the secession of the City of Port Coquitlam in March, 1913. He defeated L. E. Marmont by a margin of 144 to 121 votes in the election held on March 29th, 1913. His victory was due to significant support in the Maillardville community. The Coquitlam Star reported that "Mr Barth is known to be a man of excellent business training and the result showed that Mr. Barth convinced the electors as to his ability." (Coquitlam Star, April 2nd, 1913) Barth served only one partial term as Reeve of the municipality.

Black, Guy

  • BG-2017-3
  • Person
  • [19-?]

Boire, Alain Joseph

  • AB-2019-7
  • Person
  • 1957–

Alain (Al) Joseph Boire (1957–) is an author, founding member and first president of the Maillardville Residents’ Association (MRA), and an active and passionate advocate for the Maillardville community.

Boire was born in Maillardville on October 15, 1957. He was raised in a French Canadian family and spent his formative years in the Maillardville community. He attended Notre Dame de Lourdes school, St. Thomas More Collegiate, École Montgomery Middle School, and Centennial School. Boire became a professional home inspector, and resided in Maillardville for most of his life.

Boire has been active in the Maillardville community in many ways. In 1981–1985, he was the Director of Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church, and during 2000–2005, Boire served as the director of Village Credit Union. Concerned with the developments in the community, Boire and a group of neighbours joined and founded the MRA in 2005, where Boire became the first president. The MRA was very active between the years of 2005 and 2011 and Boire was instrumental in starting long-standing community initiatives, such as its “Clean Up Maillardville” days, an Adopt-a-Street program, a Forum on Crime and a community website and directory. Boire was a founding member of the Maillardville Commercial and Cultural Revitalization task force committee on the MRA. Additionally, Boire joined the board of Place Maillardville Community in 2006, where he was Executive Director from 2011 to 2013.

In 2009, on behalf of the MRA, Boire completed research into the history of Maillardville for the community’s centenary. On their website they published ten short biographies each month on a specific decade in Maillardville’s history. Over the next seven years Boire intermittently returned to the project. In honour of Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary in 2016, Boire completed his research and published his book, "With Hearts and Minds: Maillardville, 100 Years of History on the West Coast of BC."

Boire was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award in 2012. In 2018, Boire and his family moved to Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Booth, Ralph

  • BR-2017-4
  • Person
  • 1841–1921

Ralph Booth was one of the original landowners in Coquitlam. He and Brehaut owned District Lot 47 and he also owned District Lot 61, which was eventually incorporated into the District of Fraser Mills in 1913. The Booth Farm house is thought to be one of the original houses in Coquitlam and was purchased by the City of Coquitlam in 2013. Booth was a dairy farmer and his farm hosted many picnics for the local residents. He served as Reeve from 1904 to 1908.

Broadbridge, Richard

  • BR-2017-4
  • Person
  • [19-?]

Richard Broadbridge was a prominent Edwardian photographer who operated in Vancouver and photographed areas of British Columbia before he relocated to Australia. In 1908-1909 he operated in partnership as the Broadbridge-Bullen Photo Co. and in 1910-1911 under the name Broadbridge Commercial Photo Co. In 1912, his offices were located at 330 Homer Street in Vancouver and photographs from this time are stamped with "Broadbridge Photos."

Buchanan, Don

  • BD-2017-6
  • Person
  • 1942–2000

Long serving employee of the City of Coquitlam. Director of Planning (ca. 1969 to ca.1987). He served as the Acting Municipal Manager starting in 1988 and then Acting City Manager (when Coquitlam became a City in 1992) until ca. 1997. Buchanan Square at City Hall is named in his honour.

Carter, Stephen A.

  • CS-2017-3
  • Person
  • 1946–

Stephen A. Carter was born in Vancouver on February 22, 1946 and grew up in the Deep Cove/Dollarton area. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Education degree with specialties in History and Geography. He taught Social Studies for twenty-one years in Richmond and then finished his career in Kelowna. Following his professional teaching career, he became a pen and ink artist and started writing adventure/action historical fiction books about the American Civil War. He has published three books, written over 500 poems, and is working on screenplays for a film production company in New Zealand.

Cash, Jack

  • CJ-2017-5
  • Person
  • 1918–2005

Jack Cash was born in Vernon, B.C. in 1918, to parents Bruce and Gwen. His mother, Gwen Cash, was the first woman general reporter in Canada. In the late 1930s Jack was in Vancouver selling classified ads in the "Province" and later became a staff photographer at the "Sun". When the war started in 1939 he went to work at Burrard Dry Dock, first as a pipefitter's assistant and then as a photographer. After the war he continued to work at Burrard on a freelance basis until about 1957. He owned a studio at two locations on Marine Drive, and is one of the North Shore's most accomplished photographers.

Caunt, Dr. Thomas G.

  • TGC-2021-4
  • Person
  • 1898–1984

Thomas Gilbert Brian Caunt was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England to Harry Caunt and Louisa (Cuthbert) Caunt in 1898. In 1903, he came to Canada with his family who settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Caunt originally wanted to be a farmer and attended the Manitoba Agricultural College (later University of Manitoba) in 1914 and 1915.

In 1915, Caunt joined the 8th Battalion of the Winnipeg Rifles and was posted overseas with the 1st Division CEF, and served as infantry during The Somme, Ypres, and Passchendaele. He returned to Canada in late 1919. Caunt was a member of the Canadian Legion Post 2 for many years.

After serving in the war, he was determined to become a doctor. He graduated in medicine from the University of Manitoba in 1934. Caunt married Lucy Agnes Sybil Slaughter on April 24, 1935.

Following an internship at the Vancouver General Hospital, Caunt joined the staff of the Provincial Mental Hospital, Essondale in 1935. For many years he was in charge of the care of Veterans at the hospital. In 1952, he became medical superintendent of the hospital and Crease Clinic, a position he held until 1963 when he retired.

In 1954, Caunt became a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association as well as a certified specialist in psychiatry by the Royal College. He was also a charter member of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

Caunt died on January 28, 1984.

Cavalier, Sharon

  • CS-2017-4
  • Person
  • 1949–

Sharon E. (Jansen) Cavalier was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on January 23, 1949. In 1955 she and her parents moved from Winnipeg to Burnaby. In 1961 they relocated to Coquitlam, where Sharon attended Austin Avenue School for the last 2 months of grade 6, Porter Street Elementary School for grade 7, and Como Lake Secondary High School for grades 8 through the first 3 months of grade 12. It was in late 1966 that Centennial Secondary School was completed and Sharon participated in the November 28, 1966 Trek to move to Centennial High School, becoming part of its first graduating class in 1967. Following graduation she attended Simon Fraser University, later transferring to the University of British Columbia where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She worked most of her life in university administration, principally at the University of British Columbia and retired in 2016.

Chan, Eric

  • CE-2017-4
  • Person
  • [19-?]

Charpentier, Marie Celia

  • MCC-2021-3
  • Person
  • [ca. 1917]–

Marie Celia Hinque was born and raised in Ponteix, Saskatchewan. Her father co-founded Notre Dame d'Auvergne parish. Her family moved to Maillardville in 1930. She attended Central School and then worked in a boarding house in New Westminster. She married Simon Bart Charpentier on July 16, 1935. They had seven children and lived in a house at 200 Hart Street.

Charpentier, Simon Bart

  • CSB-2018-1
  • Person
  • 1913–2006

Simon Barthelemie Charpentier was born in St. Brieux, Saskatchewan in 1913 and moved to Maillardville around 1932. Charpentier worked at Fraser Mills. He married Marie Celia Hinque on July 16, 1935 (B13769). They had seven children and lived in a house at 200 Hart Street. Charpentier died in 2006.

Christmas, L.J.

  • CLJ-2017-4
  • Person
  • [1904?]–1969

Leslie James Christmas was Coquitlam's longest serving reeve/mayor. He was first elected to Council in 1943 and was elected Reeve in 1945. He served in this capacity until his death in 1969.

Cote, Norm

  • NC-2021-3
  • Person
  • [19-?]
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