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Southwest Coquitlam (40) 12
Oakdale 1
Canadian Western Lumber Company Hall (Coquitlam, BC) 0
Our Lady of Lourdes School 2
Our Lady of Fatima Church 2
Millside School 3
Harbour Chines 1
Lougheed, BC 3
Burquitlam (1) 30
Burquitlam Elementary School 0
Blue Mountain (3) 7
Blue Mountain Park 7
North Road 0
Mundy Park (1) 8
Cape Horn 0
Blue Mountain Union Church 2
Como Lake High School 1
Mountain View Elementary School 0
Chimo Pool 2
Dogwood Pavilion 3
Rochester Park 0
Municipal Hall
  • Coquitlam Municipal Hall is commonly used to refer to the Municipal Hall on 1111 Brunette Street. However, there have been 5 municipal halls throughout the City’s history. From 1891 until [ca. 1902], what was known as the “municipal hall” was Kelly’s Hall on Dewdney Trunk Road. This building belonged to first Reeve, R.B. Kelly. In 1902, a new municipal hall was built near the C.P.R. station at Westminster Junction and was used until [ca. 1913]. From March 1913 to September 1913, Council Minutes note that meetings were held in the Agricultural Hall in Burquitlam. From September 1913 to 1921, 1318 Brunette – the home of Emeri Paré – was used as municipal offices and doubled as the Police Station. On September 19, 1919, Bylaw 117 approved the purchase of DL 46, Blk 2, Lots 1 and 2 from the Canadian Western Lumber Company for the Municipal Hall at 1111 Brunette Street. It built and occupied by the end of 1920 and 1921 and had various additions for the next sixty years. In 1971, the original portion of the 1920s building was demolished and the Municipal Hall was used until 1998.
Poirier Community Centre

Use for: Social Recreation Centre

  • Originally known as the Social Recreation Centre, this community centre was built as a centennial project in 1967. It was renamed in 1999.
Mackin Park 1
Our Lady of Lourdes Church 2
Place des Arts 1
Como Lake (2) 7
Como Lake Park 2
Austin Heights 0
Coquitlam Junior-Senior High School 0
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