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# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.0.s.4 Construction of the Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
2 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1 Como Lake Mill unknown None
3 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3 Portrait - Margaret Frick unknown None
4 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.4 Hillcrest Outhouse unknown None
5 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.5 Leroux Residence unknown None
6 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.6 Jules Leroux on his front steps with a dog unknown None
7 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.7 Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Procession unknown None
8 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.8 Our Lady of Lourdes School - 1942 Class Portrait 1942 None
9 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.9 Our Lady of Lourdes School Religious Procession unknown None
10 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.10 Portrait - T. & B. Filiatrault unknown None
11 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.11 Our Lady of Lourdes School - 1949 Class Portrait 1949 None
12 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.13 Our Lady of Lourdes First Communion 16 June 1935 None
13 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.14 Portrait - Leroux Family unknown None
14 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.18 Thomas Douglas Funeral 1934 None
15 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.19 Pett's Grocery truck unknown None
16 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.20 Pett's Store sign unknown None
17 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.21 Pett Family at 1234 Brunette Street unknown None
18 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.22 Mr. Dawes unknown None
19 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.24 Mr. Pett selling a sheep to Mr. Hamilton unknown None
20 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.26 Esther Pett with a puppy unknown None
21 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.27 Albert Pett with a dog unknown None
22 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.28 Pett's Grocery truck 1922 None
23 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.30 Feast of Corpus Christie gathering 1932 None
24 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.31 Children on a horse in front of Proulx Store 1923 None
25 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.32 Leon Paré on a swing unknown None
26 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.33 Jeannette Paré unknown None
27 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.34 Albert Pett with a chicken unknown None
28 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.35 Albert Pett on horseback outside of Proulx Store 1923 None
29 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.36 Store unknown None
30 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.37 JH Pett Meat Market 192? None
31 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.39 Mr. Pett and Jim Rustle with Albert Pett on a horse 1923 None
32 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.40 Pett Family with the Burns & Co. Ltd. Butchers wagon 1916 None
33 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.41 Captain Sellers with a horse unknown None
34 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.42 Father Delestre and Henry James Pett unknown None
35 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.43 Pett's Store with fruit seller Harry Elphick standing in front 1926 None
36 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.45 Rooming House unknown None
37 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.46 Horse and lumber cart at Fraser Mills unknown None
38 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.47 Fraser Mills lumber yard unknown None
39 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.48 View of Fraser Mills from Lougheed Highway unknown None
40 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.49 Lumber piler with Hjalmar Ronnlund on the left unknown None
41 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.50 Ship sinks on the Fraser River [194?] None
42 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.51 Hjalmar Ronnlund and his 1926 Ford 1927 None
43 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.52 "The Test" at Fraser Mills unknown None
44 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.53 Golf Club Service Station 1920 None
45 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.54 Groundskeepers at the Vancouver Golf Club {192?] None
46 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.55 Weston Stickney {192?] None
47 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.56 Stickney Residence unknown None
48 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.57 Portrait - Rita Stickney 1920 None
49 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.58 Fred Frost in military uniform 1918 None
50 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.59 Coquitlam parade unknown None
51 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.60 Edgar residence on Blue Mountain Road 1925 None
52 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.61 Edgar residence with children out front unknown None
53 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.62 Edgar residence on Blue Mountain Road 1930 None
54 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.63 Chicken farm on Blue Mountain Road unknown None
55 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.64 St Stephen's Parish Hall during the harvest unknown None
56 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.65 Portrait - Edgar Family unknown None
57 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.66 Portrait - Edgar Family children unknown None
58 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.67 Edgar Family with their car 1931 None
59 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.69 Class photo unknown None
60 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.70 Austin Heights School unknown None
61 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.71 St. Stephen's Sunday School Class unknown None
62 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.72 Portrait - Birch Family on Rochester Ave 1922 None
63 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.74 Lean-to next to a shack on MacIntosh St. 1936 None
64 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.78 Ray and Olive Stewart 1923 None
65 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.81 Fire Department 1915 None
66 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.82 Maillardville marching band in front of Tremblay Social Hall 1913 None
67 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.83 Fanfare Canadienne 1914 None
68 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.84 Store built by Stan Lamoureux that became Pett's Store 1913 None
69 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.85 Lamoureux residence at 1326 Brunette St unknown None
70 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.86 Booth Farm picnic unknown None
71 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.87 Millside School class photograph 1916 None
72 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.88 The Knights of Columbus with Father Delestre unknown None
73 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.89 Mrs. Wilson and Charlotte unknown None
74 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.90 Portrait - David Wilson unknown None
75 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.92 Police Station at 1318 Brunette Avenue with Emeri Paré on the porch 1914 None
76 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.93 Emeri Paré in car unknown None
77 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.94 Portrait - Emeri Paré in police uniform unknown None
78 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.95 Chief of Police, Emeri Paré in his office at 1318 Brunette St. 1914 None
79 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.96 Marching band in front of Coquitlam Municipal Hall unknown None
80 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.97 Millside (Fraser Mills) [190?] None
81 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.98 Members of the Paré family on their porch unknown None
82 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.99 Police wagon unknown None
83 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.100 Antonio and Edna Paré in front of Municipal Hall 1920 None
84 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.101 Class Photograph unknown None
85 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.102 Portrait - Bibiane Finnigan unknown None
86 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.103 Our Lady of Fatima outdoor meal unknown None
87 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.108 Flood at the Canadian Western Lumber Company main office 1948 None
88 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.109 Flood at Fraser Mills townsite 1948 None
89 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.110 Flood in the garden 1948 None
90 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.111 Water cannon at Canadian Western Lumber Company Mill 1930 None
91 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.112 Leaving for the Vernon Training Camp 1943 None
92 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.114 Blue Mountain Union Church congregation 1946 None
93 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.115 Group gathered at Blue Mountain Union Church 1946 None
94 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.116 Central School class photograph 1930 None
95 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.133 Mushroom Farm, 800 block of Porter Avenue 1945 None
96 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.134 Chicken Farm, 1055 Como Lake Ave 1942 None
97 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.135 Vince Ruzicka in front of mushroom houses on Porter Ave 1945 None
98 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.136 Vince Ruzicka examining his crop on his mushroom farm 1945 None
99 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.138 Portrait - Anne Ruzicka 1944 None
100 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.139 Stan Lowry's home on Pitt River Road unknown None
101 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.141 Portrait - James McMichael before going overseas 1942 None
102 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.142 Portrait - Mary McMichael 1943 None
103 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.144 Wedding photograph - James McMichael and Mary Milliken 1944 None
104 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.145 May Queen Portrait - Alice Burslem 1948 None
105 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.146 May Queen's Honour Guard - Joe Burslem and Jimmie Roberts 1948 None
106 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.147 Elsie McKinnon (neé Windram) as a young girl 1918 None
107 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.148 Portrait - Margaret Henderson at 204 Blue Mountain Road unknown None
108 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.149 James Henderson at 204 Blue Mountain Road 1918 None
109 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.150 John Windram at 204 Blue Mountain Road 1918 None
110 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.151 Henderson residence at 204 Blue Mountain Road 1930 None
111 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.152 Mary Windram with Granddaughter Margaret 1943 None
112 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.153 Windram Family 1920 None
113 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.154 Windram boys and Alan McGregor canoeing on the Brunette River 1924 None
114 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.155 Elsie and Andrew Windram with the family car at 900 Brunette St. 1926 None
115 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.156 Windram Residence at 902 Brunette St. 1915 None
116 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.159 Academy Theatre fire 1946 None
117 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.160 Alexander Windram in uniform in front of 902 Brunette Street 1916 None
118 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.162 Vegetable exhibition at the Agricultural Hall 1920 None
119 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.164 Richard Whiting in the family greenhouse on Rochester Ave 1922 None
120 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.165 Land at Marmont and Austin 1940 None
121 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.166 May Day float 1947 None
122 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.167 May Day float by the Austin Heights Parent Teacher Association 1947 None
123 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.168 Annie and Wallace Whiting on Rochester Ave 1934 None
124 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.169 Larry, Timothy, and Dick Whiting outside Austin Heights School unknown None
125 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.170 Wallace Whiting on Rochester Ave unknown None
126 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.171 May Day Queen and party at Blue Mountain Park 1947 None
127 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.172 Portrait - Bibiane Finnigan 1940 None
128 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.173 LeCerte Residence at 356 Blue Mountain unknown None
129 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.174 Field behind 356 Blue Mountain Road 1946 None
130 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.175 LeCerte Residence at 356 Blue Mountain Road 1947 None
131 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.176 Finnigan home at 910 Quadling Ave 1949 None
132 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.177 Norma Charles with a birthday cake 1949 None
133 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.201 Brunette Street 1915 None
134 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.202 Original Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1909 None
135 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.203 Tellier Residence on Pitt River Road 1910 None
136 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.206 Logging on Burke Mountain unknown None
137 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.207 Escott Residence on Montgomery Road 1922 None
138 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.208 Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory in Laval Square unknown None
139 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.209 Girl on Como Lake Ave 1928 None
140 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.215 Strike at Fraser Mills outside the Municipal Hall 1931 None
141 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.216 Trial of strikers at Fraser Mills outside of Municipal Hall 1931 None
142 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.218 Official Ceremony attended by Reeve Ralph Booth unknown None
143 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.301 May Queen Shirley Christmas 1947 None
144 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.302 Ben and Ciceley Gain in their yard 1921 None
145 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.303 Roberts Residence at 201 Hart Street 1910 None
146 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.304 Roberts Family at their home at 201 Hart Street 1916 None
147 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.305 Portrait - Herbert Roberts 1920 None
148 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.306 Denise and Lucien Racine - Wedding photograph 1932 None
149 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.308 Our Lady of Lourdes School 1949 None
150 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.311 Edward Parent 1943 None
151 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.313 Lucien Racine at 1021 Quadling Avenue 1932 None
152 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.314 Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Parent in front of a boarding house on Marmont Street 1943 None
153 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.316 Iris and Herb Cope on Como Lake Avenue 1945 None
154 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.318 Herb Cope on Como Lake Avenue 1940 None
155 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.319 Iris Cope at her home at 1320 Como Lake Avenue 1948 None
156 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.320 Iris and Herb Cope at their house on Como Lake Ave. 1945 None
157 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.324 Portrait - William H. Neelands, Alderman 1920 None
158 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.325 Portrait - Mannie Gueho unknown None
159 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.326 Portrait - Margaret Gueho unknown None
160 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.327 Barn on North Rd. 1912 None
161 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.329 Neelands Residence on North Road. near Austin Avenue [191?] None
162 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.330 Portrait - Victor and Beebe Gueho 1947 None
163 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.331 Elsie and Benjamin Winter 1929 None
164 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.332 Cow at a farm at 800 MacIntosh Street 1930 None
165 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.333 Maria Winter Van Leeuwen with a cow 1930 None
166 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.334 Elsie and Benny Van Leeuwen outside their home at 800 MacIntosh Street 1936 None
167 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.335 Car on MacIntosh Street and Como Lake Avenue 1949 None
168 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.337 Wesley Farm with Douglas and Thomas Wesley 1928 None
169 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.338 Thomas Wesley's farm house unknown None
170 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.339 Wesley Family on their family farm 1932 None
171 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.340 Wesley Residence 1930 None
172 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.341 Thomas Wesley in front of an ice cream store on Pitt River Rd. 1930 None
173 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.342 Wesley Thomas on the family farm 1930 None
174 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.343 Picton Farm on Pitt River Rd 1940 None
175 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.344 Fire Department outside of the Municipal Hall with Fire Chief Bunny Falcon 1946 None
176 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.346 Portrait- Emeri Paré Sr.with gun 1923 None
177 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.347 Paré Family with the Police Department car 1922 None
178 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.348 Fire Department wagon on Pitt River Rd. 1913 None
179 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.349 Emeri Paré Sr. with Grandson Antonio in front of the Municipal Hall 1921 None
180 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.350 Ryan House and entrance arch of Fraser Mills 1920 None
181 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.351 Lumber carrier drivers at Fraser Mills 1945 None
182 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.353 Teamsters at Fraser Mills in front of the barn {192?] None
183 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.354 Teamsters at Fraser Mills {192?] None
184 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.355 Munday Family 1902 None
185 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.357 Log cabin on Dewdney Trunk Road 1939 None
186 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.358 Poultry barns on Noble Hill 1945 None
187 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.360 Poultry farm 1942 None
188 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.361 David Jones with pigs on the Tryon Farm 1942 None
189 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.362 Farm on Dewdney Trunk Road 1942 None
190 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.365 Lehoux Residence on the corner of Begin St. and Brunette St. 1913 None
191 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.366 Alva Lehoux at 1200 Brunette Street 1911 None
192 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.367 Lehoux Family at 1200 Brunette Street 1914 None
193 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.368 Mountain View School, Class Photograph 1938 None
194 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.369 British Columbia Champion basketball team girls from New Westminster and Coquitlam 1946 None
195 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.370 Brown Residence at 548 Cottonwood Ave. 1932 None
196 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.371 Girl Guides in Maillardville 1944 None
197 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.372 Rock-Valley Rangers Band 1935 None
198 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.373 Group photograph at a picnic 1940 None
199 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.374 Copping's Store and Garage 1937 None
200 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.375 Car on North Road 1938 None
201 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.376 Captain and Kay Towers Wedding Photograph 1938 None
202 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.377 Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Margaret Whiting at their home on North Road 1934 None
203 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.378 Mac Gilroy sitting on a truck 1945 None
204 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.379 Whiting Residence on North Road 1934 None
205 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.380 Whiting Residence on North Road 1937 None
206 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.381 Stickney Farm on Cameron Road 1920 None
207 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.382 Winter on North Road 1920 None
208 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.384 Portrait - Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moore 1942 None
209 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.385 Clark Family at 610 Como Lake Ave. 1922 None
210 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.386 Glen School Class Photograph 1934 None
211 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.390 1926 Ford Car unknown None
212 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.391 Kathleen Whiting on Como Lake Avenue 1930 None
213 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.392 Clark Residence on Como Lake Avenue unknown None
214 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.393 Regina and Sam Van Berkel at Laval Street and Brunette Street 1918 None
215 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.400 Hobbis Residence on Clarke Road 1932 None
216 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.401 Tom Hobbis in front of the family farm 1931 None
217 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.402 Ducks at a farm at Como Lake Ave and Clarke Road 1931 None
218 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.403 Hobbis Family on their farm at Como Lake Ave and Clarke Road 1933 None
219 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.405 Tom, Burt, and Gerald Hobbis on Austin Avenue and Gatensbury Street 1932 None
220 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.406 Cap Hobbis with a dog on a hay bale 1935 None
221 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.407 Bessie and Nellie Hobbis on the family farm at Como Lake Ave and Clarke Road 1935 None
222 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.409 Burt and Gerald Hobbis on motorcycles on Clarke Road unknown None
223 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.413 Hobbis Residence on Robinson Street 1940 None
224 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.414 Hobbis Farm 1933 None
225 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.415 Gerald (Cap) Hobbis on the Hobbis Family farm 1933 None
226 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.501 Arcade & Aline Paré Wedding Portrait 1938 None
227 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.502 Arcade Paré in baseball uniform in front of a car 1931 None
228 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.503 Emilien Hammond in a garden on Laval Square 1920 None
229 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.504 Unknown child on Laval Square 1923 None
230 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.505 Portrait - Hammond Family (Joe, Annie, and Emilien) 1929 None
231 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.506 Floyd and Myrtle Monssen with a dead black bear 1941 None
232 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.507 Allard Residence at 208 Begin Street 1921 None
233 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.508 Allard Family at 1211 Brunette Street 1920 None
234 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.509 Bus Stop at Victoria Drive and Quarry Road 194? None
235 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.511 Hauling shingle from Burke Mountain by the McCourt Brothers Logging 1937 None
236 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.512 Bob and Barry at the Edward home on Burke Mountain 1941 None
237 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.513 Edward Family 1940 None
238 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.514 Edward Residence on Burke Mountain 1944 None
239 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.515 Crew of McVickers at a Shingle Mill on Burke Mountain 1936 None
240 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.516 Tractor hauling logs on Burke Mountain 1939 None
241 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.517 R.C. and Rod MacDonald on Alderson Avenue 1924 None
242 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.518 MacDonald Residence at 555 North Road 1936 None
243 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.519 Portrait - MacDonald Family 1943 None
244 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.520 Portrait - R.C. MacDonald 1945 None
245 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.521 Noelle Leroux in front of store at 1228 Brunette Street 1938 None
246 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.522 Group in front of the Boileau Pool Hall at 1200 Brunette Street 192? None
247 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.523 Mabel Reddington and Tony Paré on Brunette Street 1937 None
248 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.524 Lambert Leroux with his 1928 Ford car 1938 None
249 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.525 Jubilee Hotel at Brunette Street and Blue Mountain Street 1940 None
250 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.526 Elizabeth Leroux at 1226 Brunette Street unknown None
251 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.527 Pollard Family at Minnekhada 1936 None
252 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.528 Farm tractor at Minnekhada 1936 None
253 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.529 Minnekhada Farm 1920 None
254 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.530 Scotty Coutts on a horse at Minnekhada Farm 1936 None
255 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.531 June and Mary Pollard 1949 None
256 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.532 E.D. Pollard and two other men 1924 None
257 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.533 Portrait - E.D. and Mrs. Pollard 1907 None
258 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.534 Ben and Fred Quadling's Service Station at the corner of Blue Mountain Street and Brunette Street 1930 None
259 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.535 Jubilee Hotel on Brunette Street 1936 None
260 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.536 Babbin, Henderson, and Windram houses 192? None
261 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.538 Fraser Mills Flood 1948 None
262 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.539 Makeshift lumber walkways during Fraser Mills flood 1948 None
263 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.540 Fashioned rowboat during the Fraser Mills flood 1948 None
264 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.542 May Day Procession 1946 None
265 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.543 Dancing around the maypoles during May Day at Blue Mountain Park 1948 None
266 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.544 Chicken house on Alderson Avenue 1938 None
267 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.545 Chicken farm on Alderson Avenue 1940 None
268 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.546 Jim Fenton with a goat and cart on Alderson Avenue 1940 None
269 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.548 Glen School students on the school steps 1914 None
270 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.550 Logging train on Johnson Hill 1920 None
271 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.553 Brookside Ranch on Glen Drive at the corner of Johnson Street 1920 None
272 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.554 Brookside Ranch on Glen Drive unknown None
273 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.555 Lloyd family home at Brookside Ranch on Glen Drive 1929 None
274 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.556 Hazel Jago riding a pig at Brookside Ranch 1913 None
275 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.557 Samuel Lepitre in uniform 1916 None
276 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.603 Bouthot Family on Laval Square 1927 None
277 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.604 Bouthot Family on Laval Square 1927 None
278 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.605 Portrait - Rene Bouthot 1941 None
279 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.611 Horse-drawn ploughs at Colony Farm 1913 None
280 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.612 Construction of Centre Lawn building at Riverview Hospital (Essondale) 1920 None
281 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.613 Essondale's (Riverview) West Lawn 1920 None
282 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.614 Holstein cows in a barn at Colony Farm 1915 None
283 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.616 Clydesdale horse with handler at Colony Farm unknown None
284 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.622 Colony Farm with Essondale's West Lawn in the background 1913 None
285 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.623 Colony Farm barns 1913 None
286 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.625 Colony Farm harvest 1913 None
287 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.626 Horse-drawn ploughs at Colony Farm 1913 None
288 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.628 Three-horse plough at Colony Farm unknown None
289 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.631 Flood at Essondale (Riverview) Hospital 1931 None
290 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.633 Bob Gardner and a four-horse plough at Colony Farm 192? None
291 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.636 Horse arena at Colony Farm 190? None
292 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.638 Clydesdale horse led by a young Margaret Gardner 1928 None
293 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.639 Flood at Colony Farm 1921 None
294 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.640a Flood at Colony Farm 1921 None
295 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.640b Flood at Colony Farm 1921 None
296 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.647 Wedding of B. Charpentier and Cecile Hinque at Notre Dames de Lourdes 1935 None
297 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.648 John Greenall on his Poultry Farm at Smith Avenue and Fairview Street 1937 None
298 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.649 House, barn, and cow on the Alexander Farm at Smith Avenue and Fairview Street 1937 None
299 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.650 Poultry barn at Smith Avenue and Fairview Street 1937 None
300 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.651 Byron Alexander and his Father Roy Alexander in uniform at 611 Cottonwood 1941 None
301 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.653 Hazel Alexander at 611 Cottonwood Avenue 1941 None
302 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.654 Bouthot Family at their home on Laval Square 194? None
303 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.658 Al Best Service Station with Al Best and Gerry Proulx 194? None
304 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.659 Al Best in his Service Station at 945 Brunette Street 194? None
305 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.660 Portable sawmill owned by K. Bergland at the end of Dunkirk Avenue 194? None
306 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.662 Our Lady of Lourdes School on Laval Square 193? None
307 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.664 Langis Family home at 1319 Cartier Avenue 1925 None
308 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.666 House at 200 Hart Street 1920 None
309 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.667 Thrall Residence at 783 Edgar Avenue 1918 None
310 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.668 Houses between Marmont Street and Begin Street 194? None
311 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.669 Portrait - Desormeaux Family 1911 None
312 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.673 Reg and Myrtle Goesen 1946 None
313 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.674 John Dicaire on a bridge 1916 None
314 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.675 John and Regina Dicaire on a porch 1918 None
315 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.676 John and Arthur Dicaire unknown None
316 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.677 Portrait - John and Regina Dicaire 1920 None
317 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.678 William Parker in front of his residence on Walker Avenue 1921 None
318 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.803 Log Cabin at Steelhead Lodge (Oxbow Ranch) unknown None
319 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.804 Stan Laurel and Clara Jacobs in a Hollywood film unknown None
320 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.805 On the set of "The Giant" with Fred Guiol unknown None
321 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.806 Clara Jacobs shoveling snow at Steelhead Lodge (Oxbow Ranch) unknown None
322 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.807 Portrait - Clara Jocobs 1939 None
323 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.808 Steelhead Lodge under construction 1939 None
324 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.810 Cabins at Oxbow Ranch 1939 None
325 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.812 A cabin at Oxbow Ranch unknown None
326 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.814 Portrait - George Anthony Munday unknown None
327 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.816 Bridge on Gatensbury Street in winter 1931 None
328 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.818 The corner of Austin Avenue and Gatensbury Street 1937 None
329 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.820 Pobst Family car unknown None
330 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.822 Margaret and Frank Pobst at 1309 Austin Avenue 1937 None
331 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.826 McCourt Residence on Burke Mountain 1947 None
332 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.828 Bennie homestead on Quarry Road 1943 None
333 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.830 Logging railroad near Noon's Creek 1949 None
334 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.834 Log cabin on Burke Mountain 1949 None
335 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.838 Gilley's Quarry 194? None
336 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.840 Quarry Road 1942 None
337 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.845 Bob McMillan and Cyril Charlton from Fraser Mills 1937 None
338 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.846 Fraser Mills employee fishing derby 1945 None
339 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.847 First Communion at Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1911 None
340 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.848 Original Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Laval Square 1909 None
341 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.849 'The Reposoir' at Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1929 None
342 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.850 Fraser Mills Train Station 1909 None
343 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.853 Charles Philp with his car on Marmont Street 1928 None
344 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.854 Charles Philp driving his 1911 Studebaker at 437 Marmont Street 1928 None
345 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.856 Philp Residence at Marmont Street and Dansey Avenue 1945 None
346 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.857 Children dancing at the May Day celebrations at Blue Mountain Park unknown None
347 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.908 The corner of North Road and Barnet Highway unknown None
348 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.909 Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
349 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.910 Booth Dairy Farm unknown None
350 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.911 Buntzen Lake tunnel 1909 None
351 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.912 Vancouver power generation station unknown None
352 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.913 Trout Lake tunnel unknown None
353 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.914 Lieutenant Governor Thomas Patterson lays first corner stone at Essondale 1908 None
354 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.916 Fraser Mills boardwalk 1924 None
355 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.920 Lumber carrier in operation at Fraser Mills 1925 None
356 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.921 Group shot of Fraser Mills employees unknown None
357 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.922 Fraser Mills roadway unknown None
358 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.923 Flood at Fraser Mills 1948 None
359 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.924 Dorothy Morse and Mrs. Kitty 1940 None
360 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.925 Morse Farm at 1200 Johnson Street unknown None
361 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.926 Allard residence at 1200 Brunette Street 1910 None
362 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.927 Allard residence on the 1200 block of Brunette Street 1910 None
363 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.929 Allard residence on Begin Street 1917 None
364 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.931 James Allard at a sawmill on Pitt River Road 1925 None
365 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.932 James Allard with daughters Isabel and Dorothy and son, Jimmy at their home on Begin Street 1922 None
366 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.933 Fraser Mills baseball team 1930 None
367 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.934 Group photograph at Fraser Mills with a 110 foot long piece of timber 1935 None
368 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.935 Carl Lillos at Fraser Mills 1927 None
369 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.936 Carl Lillos with his dog at the Fraser Mills clubhouse 1936 None
370 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.938 Portrait - Allard Family 1934 None
371 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.939 Portrait - Seguin Family 1917 None
372 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.940 Portrait - Seguin Family 1948 None
373 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.941 Wedding Portrait - Florence and Albert Seguin 1935 None
374 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.942 Horse carriage on Austin Avenue unknown None
375 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.943 Original clubhouse at the Vancouver Golf Club 1910 None
376 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.944 Clearing the 16th green at the Vancouver Golf Club 1914 None
377 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.945 First clubhouse at the Vancouver Golf Club 191? None
378 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.946 Driving on the 5th hole at the Vancouver Golf Club 1938 None
379 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.947 Vancouver Golf Club clubhouse 1933 None
380 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.948 Joe Moss at the Vancouver Golf Club unknown None
381 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.949 Frank Leland at the Vancouver Golf Club in winter 1933 None
382 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.951 Putting on the 2nd green at the Vancouver Golf Club 1938 None
383 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.953 Vancouver Golf Club clubhouse in winter 191? None
384 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.954 Putting at the Vancouver Club House 1938 None
385 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.955 Child teeing off at the 1st tee at the Vancouver Golf Club 1915 None
386 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.956 Field Day at the Vancouver Golf Club 1935 None
387 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.957 Vancouver Golf Club clubhouse 1915 None
388 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.959 Clubhouse interior at the Vancouver Golf Club 1915 None
389 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.961 Portrait - Anne Bohonos Protheroe 1936 None
390 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.962 Portrait - Anne and James Protheroe unknown None
391 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.964 Two children on bikes outside the Municipal Hall Garage at 1121 Brunette Ave unknown None
392 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.965 Original Trev's Store at 1121 Brunette Ave 1942 None
393 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.966 Trev's Store, Ann's Beauty Shoppe, and Office at 1121 Brunette Ave unknown None
394 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.970 Boileau Family residence on Brunette Ave with the family on the front porch unknown None
395 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.971 Proulx Family on the porch of the family home on Laval Square 1913 None
396 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.972 Lacrosse Team 191? None
397 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.973 Our Lady of Lourdes procession around Laval Square 1921 None
398 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.974 Children at a picnic at the Booth Farm 1920 None
399 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.975 Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1938 None
400 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.976 Inside Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1938 None
401 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.978 Louis and Rudolph Boileau with a car 1916 None
402 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.979 Bouthot residence at the corner of Laval Square and Cartier Avenue 1918 None
403 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.982 View of the Fraser River from Hammond Street unknown None
404 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.983 Bouthot residence and Our Lady of Lourdes Convent 1937 None
405 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.984 A group of Maillardville residents outside the Bouthot House at Laval Square and Cartier Avenue 1914 None
406 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.985 Portrait - Canadian Stuntman Karl Jacobs 192? None
407 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.987 Hollywood starlets including Carol Lombard and Clara Jacobs unknown None
408 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.988 Portrait - Clara Jacobs unknown None
409 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.990 Fred Guiol attends a Hollywood function with Elizabeth Taylor unknown None
410 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.992 Clara Jacobs in a line of Hollywood starlets unknown None
411 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.993 Portrait- Clara Jacobs unknown None
412 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.996 Still from a film starring Clara Jacobs and Charlie Chase 193? None
413 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1012 Shipping sheds and lumber yard at Fraser Mills 1920 None
414 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1013 Sawmill and beehive burner with the door factory and plywood plant in the background at Fraser Mills 1920 None
415 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1014 Windjammer ships transport lumber from Fraser Mills 190? None
416 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1016 Manager's Residence (Ryan House) for the Canadian Western Lumber Company Ltd. 192? None
417 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1017 Row of houses at Fraser Mills townsite 1920 None
418 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1019 Boarding House at Fraser Mills unknown None
419 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1020 Docks at Fraser Mills 190? None
420 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1022 Aerial of Fraser Mills 194? None
421 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1024 Original vestry of Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Laval Square 192? None
422 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1026 Filing room at Fraser Mills 194? None
423 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1027 Planing mill with the beehive burner in the background at Fraser Mills 1923 None
424 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1028 Main crane for piling lumber on docks at Fraser Mills 1912 None
425 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1029 Road through Fraser Mills 1908 None
426 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1030 Fire Engine outside Municipal Hall 1942 None
427 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1033 Flood at Fraser Mills 1948 None
428 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1034 Kay Martin and Rosa Marie Crandell in a makeshift boat during the 1948 flood 1948 None
429 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1035 House during the 1948 flood 1948 None
430 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1036 Mrs. Borghild Locken outside her house during the 1948 flood 1948 None
431 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1037 Hank Locken with his dog during the 1948 flood 1948 None
432 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1038 Bill McEwen and Joe Hachey using the Fraser Mills drag saw 1913 None
433 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1040 Workers and horses clearing the Vancouver Golf Club 191? None
434 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1041 Dearden residence at 529 Austin Avenue 1915 None
435 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1042 Vera and Hannah Forster in a car near Como Lake Road and Clarke Road 1920 None
436 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1043 Hannah, Mary Jane, and Henry Shepherd at the corner of Clarke Road and Como Lake Road 1924 None
437 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1044 Shepherd residence at the corner of Como Lake Road and Clarke Road 1920 None
438 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1045 Shepherd residence on Smith Road 1924 None
439 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1046 Hannah, Vera, and Mary Forster outside the Shepherd residence 1923 None
440 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1047 Shepherd's Bush - a ten acre property at Clarke Road and Como Lake Road 1924 None
441 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1054 Foundation of the Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1915 None
442 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1055 Portrait - Rudolphe and Eugene Boileau 1910 None
443 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1056 Original Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1912 None
444 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1058 Lafleur residence on Cartier Avenue 1910 None
445 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1059 Portrait- Father Edmond Maillard 1910 None
446 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1060 Corner of Cartier Street and Begin Street 1918 None
447 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1061 Boileau Billiard Hall with a group of Maillardville men 1918 None
448 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1062 Religious procession through Maillardville 1929 None
449 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1063 La Procession in Maillardville 1929 None
450 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1064 Our Lady of Lourdes Church under construction 1937 None
451 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1066 Bouthot residence at Cartier Avenue and Laval Street 1918 None
452 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1068 Religious procession through Maillardville led by Father Delestre 1924 None
453 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1069 Portrait - Father Premontre 1916 None
454 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1070 Picnic at Booth Farm 1928 None
455 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1071 Dam construction at Coquitlam Lake 1913 None
456 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1072 Construction of the Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
457 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1073 Coquitlam Dam under construction 1913 None
458 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1074 Coquitlam Dam at Coquitlam Lake 1913 None
459 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1075 Construction of the Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
460 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1076 Construction of the Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
461 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1077 Construction of the Coquitlam Dam 1913 None
462 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1080 Village near the Coquitlam Dam during construction 1913 None
463 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1086 Flood at Colony Farm 1948 None
464 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1087 Maintaining the dykes during Flood at Colony Farm 1948 None
465 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1088 Maintaining the dykes during Flood at Colony Farm 1948 None
466 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1089 Colony Farm during the 1948 Flood 1948 None
467 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1100 Ted Clark at his home at 610 Como Lake Avenue 1919 None
468 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1101 Edna and Greta Clark at 610 Como Lake Avenue 1921 None
469 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1102 Children at Blue Mountain School 1920 None
470 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1107 The Smith Family 1938 None
471 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1108 Teachers at Austin Heights School 1942 None
472 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1115 Filing room at Fraser Mills 1918 None
473 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1116 Group at the Fraser Mills Train Station unknown None
474 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1117 Windblad Family around the dinner table at a house in Fraser Mills 1926 None
475 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.1118 Men and women lined up behind a long timber mast at Fraser Mills 1935 None
476 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3001 Portrait - Ernest Gatensbury [189?] None
477 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3002 Pauline Gatensbury working in a lettuce bed in the family's greenhouse across from Como Lake [191?] None
478 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3003 Gatensbury greenhouses across from Como Lake [191?] None
479 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3101 Portrait - Lieutenant Governor Eric Hamber with his wife, Aldyen 1939 None
480 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3111 Central United Church on Austin Avenue 1924 None
481 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3112 Lieutenant Governor Eric and Aldyen Hamber outside the stables at Minnekhada Ranch unknown None
482 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3116 Lieutenant Governor Eric Hamber on a polo pony unknown None
483 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.3117 Polo at Minnekhada Ranch unknown None
484 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.4000 Group of men and horses working to clear the Vancouver Golf Club property 190? None
485 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.a Colonel Tobin and other soldiers in the 29th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1915 None
486 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.b Coquitlam Agricultural Hall 1912 None
487 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.c Coquitlam Hardware Store 1922 None
488 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.d Canadian Pacific Railway Pitt River Bridge construction 1913 None
489 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.e Canadian Western Lumber Company General Store 1925 None
490 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.f Logging horse team unknown None
491 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.g A group of the Pioneer Ladies of Coquitlam at their Spring Tea 193? None
492 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.h Portable rock crushing plant on Dewdney Trunk Road ca. 1918 None
493 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.5 Colony Farm barns 1912 None
494 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.7 Flood at Fraser Mills 1948 None
495 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.9 Tree topping unknown None
496 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.10 Two fallers with a tree unknown None
497 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.11 Hotel Lobby unknown None
498 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.12 Billiard hall unknown None
499 CA CCOQ C6-S01-C6.o.s.141 James McMichael in military uniform 1942 None